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Jennifer Healy

Jennifer holds her TCGR,and her ADCRG after having completed the demanding Irish Dance teacher’s certification exams in 2010, and adjudication certificate in 2013.


Jennifer has danced since she took her first steps. Jennifer is a highly accomplished dancer and teacher of the dance. She is a talented choreographer with a wide base of experience, dancing in shows that have toured the world. Jennifer danced with the Rhythm of the Dance and Celtic Legends, touring throughout Europe. And Gaelforce, touring South Korea.


She was chosen to appear in the Riverdance production performed for the Special Olympics in 2003. Since that time, she has been with the “Boyne” company of the Riverdance touring show, dancing and singing in the production as well as involved in the backstage audio elements of the show. With this company, she has literally been around the globe.

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