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R.A.D. Ballet (Grades 1-8)
Ages 7 & up (must be 7 by Dec. 31st).  Our graded ballet classes follow the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and training. 

All Graded exam students are required to have character skirts and shoes in addition to their regular ballet attire.

R.A.D. Ballet (Vocational levels)
Ages 11 & up.  Intensive ballet students looking to pursue ballet more seriously will go into the vocational levels after Grade 5.  Vocational levels in order are as follows: Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced 1, and Advanced 2, Solo Seal.  Eligibility for examinations is based on student's readiness in both ballet & pointe work, and exams often take 2 years to obtain.  Additional ballet and/or conditioning is recommended alongside syllabus training hours.

Jazz Grades (B.A.T.D. Grades 1- Advanced)
Ages 8 & up.  We follow the British Association of Teachers of Dancing's syllabus and training.  Students in the jazz grades will focus on exercises and technique as well as performance.  Students 10+ that are in Grade 3 & above are eligible to be invited to scholarships in Toronto for the Eastern Ontarion BATD Scholarships based on their spring examination results.

Please note the order of levels: Primary, Grades 1-5, Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced.  Additionally, medal exams are offered when dancers are in a 2 year level.

Tap (B.A.T.D. Primary-Advanced)
Ages 7-up.  Tap is a fun way for students to gain rhythm, timing and coordination.

An upbeat style for dancers of all ages, our students follow the B.A.T.D. syllabus and training.  Some years the examination will include a 'stage' section incorporating broadway-style jazz movement within the syllabus.

​Please note the order of levels: Primary, Grades 1-5 (alternating stage & tap exams), Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced (again, alternating stage & tap examinations).


Contemporary (B.A.T.D.)
Ages 8 & up.  Contemporary dance has gained a great deal of popularity in recent years.  A fun and exploratory form of dance whereby students learn to express themselves through movement.  Our contemporary classes follow the BATD Modern Syllabus.

​Please note the order of levels: Grades 1-5, Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Ages 6 & up. Currently we only offer beginner and intermediate level Irish classes.


Hip Hop (B.A.T.D.)

Ages 7 & up.  A fun & exciting class for all ages, our hip hop teachers incorpoarate today's late music and dance styles to their classes.  Examinations are mandatory to advance to the next level, and are done through the BATD (freestyle).

Please note the order of levels: Pre Bronze, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Blue Riband, British Medallion, British Award, Premier Award, & Annual Award.


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